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Adoption Process

I Am Ferret only adopts within the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Exceptions are made but only in rare instances. Please keep that in mind before filling out an application. Thanks!

The adoption process can take up to two weeks. Ferrets are never adopted "On-the-Spot."

The potential adopter is required to complete an application. If their application meets the criteria for adoption, a volunteer will assist in matching the ferret and new pet owner. After interacting with the ferret, all of the pet's historical information will be disclosed.

We recommend that all members of the house come to interact with the ferret before the adoption. Renters will be required to provide a letter from their landlord approving the ferret.

Once all verifications and references have been checked, I Am Ferret representatives will bring the selected ferret to the adoptors home for final delivery. Adoption fees are accepted and contracts transferring ownership of the ferret at this time.

About a week after adoption, a call will be placed to the adopter to verify that all is going well and that owners and the ferret are happy in their new home.

We suggest that the adopter to join our online Facebook community where they can receive ongoing support, get answers to care and nutrition questions and also interact with seasoned ferret owners as well as our members.